Societal Impact

  • Perceptions and acceptance
  • Replication around the world
  • Life-cycle analysis

ACT Acorn is the seed from which a cluster of capture, transport and storage infrastructure can grow in the North Sea region. Our results will provide useful tools and methodologies for regions in the UK, across Europe and also worldwide.

We intend to go beyond the usual sharing of research outputs in order to communicate our vision and gain feedback, in a European context, from key stakeholders – including industry, policymakers, non-governmental organisations, regional governments and investors.

At the same time, we will be sharing any lessons learned from the project, and encouraging its replication. We also consider it important to engage with the other projects funded under ACT to share learning and maximise value.

Life-cycle analysis of the carbon footprint of the whole project will begin by defining clear parameters. It will include major project components and emission points as well as considering the impact of future build-out options, such as shipping CO2 from other sources, a proposed hydrogen plant and a bioenergy plant.