Policy Recommendations

  • Just transition to regional decarbonisation
  • Decommissioning hydrocarbon infrastructure
  • Infrastructure re-use for CO2 activity

Through different methods of stakeholder engagement, we will consider how a project, such as Acorn, can support a just transition to a decarbonised future in regions dependent on fossil fuel industries.

We will explore stakeholder understanding of the role CCS can play in this transition, and develop a set of scenarios for how its development could affect the daily lives of people in North Sea regions – for example, job prospects, infrastructure investment and new industries.

Our policy focus will identify the offshore infrastructure needed to develop CCS cost-effectively, with the aim of avoiding its premature decommissioning by developing a preservation case and methodology.

We will also identify other potential locations for CCS hubs around the North Sea regions, particularly in the Netherlands and Norway, and develop policy recommendations for future ownership of suitable CO2 storage sites.